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Take Control of Your Home’s Lighting with Sheers and Shadings

It is finally time to take control of the lighting in your home. You don’t need to put up with rooms that are too dark to see, and you don’t need to be blinded from the reflection of the sun in rooms that are too bright. This is your home, after all, so the lighting should be completely up to you. We love making beautiful homes just that much better by perfecting the window treatments in each of your rooms. At Discount Best Blinds and Shutters, we carry the best products on the market, including Hunter Douglas window treatments. Some of our very favorite window treatments are the three sheers and shadings that we love, and each transforms the light in your home in the perfect way.

Silhouette® Window Shadings Santa Rosa, California (CA) Hunter Douglas Window Sheers and Window Coverings

Soft Light

For soft light, opt for our gorgeous Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Window Shadings. These shades are next-level window treatments. With these specific shades, you get the light while also maintaining privacy. These shadings include S-Shapes vanes with a sheer on the front and back. The light that gets filtered through these two shades is incredibly soft, leaving your rooms feeling tranquil and elegant. With this design, you can be confident that your interiors are being protected from the hard UV rays outside. In fact, depending on the fabric you choose, you could get up to 88% of the sun’s harmful rays filtered out of your interiors.


If you value the view-through to your exteriors, then you will love our Hunter Douglas Pirouette® Window Shadings. These shades allow you to maintain that view of the outdoors that you love without compromising on the privacy that you need. Plus, these shades can be made with the most beautiful fabrics in the industry. There is a variety of bold colors and textures available, and they come in a range of opacity levels so you can keep full control of every aspect of lighting in your home. Additionally, the fabrics provide UV ray protection for your interiors, so you can have peace of mind that the sun won’t fade your furniture, flooring, or artwork.

Light Diffusion

We love our elegant Luminette® Privacy Sheers that beautifully diffuse the light that enters your home. They incorporate a soft romance to your interiors with rotating vanes that make controlling your light seamless. One of the greatest parts of these sheers is the fact that the hardware can be completely concealed when closed. This makes these window treatments clean and beautiful in your rooms. Plus, you can choose our Accents By The Yard™ feature, which lets you use the exact same fabrics that you chose for your sheers on other accents as well such as pillows and duvets. We can help you create an interior design that flows beautifully in your home.

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