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3 Signs You Should Replace your Window Treatment

Window treatments are the foundation of a great room. They filter light for a soothing ambiance, offer a sense of privacy, and can even boost your home’s energy efficiency. However, if it’s time to replace your window treatments, you might not be receiving all of these benefits. When your blinds and shades start becoming a hassle, that’s usually a sign it’s time to replace them. This doesn’t have to be a laborious process! At Discount Best Blinds and Shutters, we love helping people make the most of their homes through window treatments. Here are some signs it’s time to part ways with your old window treatments and how you can use this as an opportunity to revamp your space with fresh and innovative new products.

Duette® Honeycomb Shades near Sonoma County, California (CA) 3 signs you should replace your window treatment

Signs it’s time to replace your window treatments

Your window treatments are faded, yellowing, or warping

No matter how great we take care of our window treatments, time gets the best of them. Prolonged exposure to moisture and sunlight damages your window treatments over time, especially vinyl blinds and shades that aren’t built to last. Replacing your worn-out window treatments with more robust options built with moisture resistance in mind can help extend the life of your investment. EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds are an excellent option for taking preventative steps to get the most out of your window treatment. These alternative wood blinds feature a blend of man-made and natural materials that boast some of the most realistic finishes in the industry while standing up to humid and sunny environments, especially bathrooms and kitchens.

Your window treatments are broken or a hassle to open and close

Your window treatments should make your life easier, not create unnecessary frustration in your daily life. Once your window treatments start becoming difficult to operate, it’s usually time to go. If you find yourself constantly adjusting your shades to maintain consistent lighting or fumbling with raising and lowering your blinds, it might be time to invest in new window treatments designed to make your life easier. Motorized window treatments, like Silhouette® Window Shades from Hunter Douglas, pride themselves on a smooth, beautiful operation. Enjoy a stunning view with adjustable fabric vanes suspended between gorgeous sheers that let in soft, diffuse light without compromising your privacy. Silhouette® features an array of beautiful colors and patterns to choose from, as well as several operating systems for your convenience. With PowerView® Automation, your shades are transformed into smart home technology. Control your home’s lighting from your fingertips with the PowerView® smartphone app. Quickly set lighting profiles and keep your home on a schedule that matches your local sunrise and sunset times.

Your window treatments no longer benefit your home

A good window treatment should enhance your home’s UV protection and privacy as well as its energy efficiency. If you’re finding your central heating and cooling bill higher than normal, it could be your window treatments failing to insulate your home. Switching to cellular shades, like Duette® Honeycomb Shades, can help reduce up to 30% of lost heating/cooling energy, reducing strain on your HVAC and saving you money. The unique honeycomb design traps air and works to insulate your home. Plus, Duette® features innovative blackout technology that keeps your room not only cool and comfortable but also dark, making it the perfect choice for bedrooms.

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